Closing Lightbox popup using browser back button

Closing Lightbox popup using browser back button

I have been in web development field for almost 4 years and I am learning new things every now and then.

Today I have got another issue solved that is not common.

I was developing this site and in this page there is a job feed from other site. I was using WP RSS multi importer wordpress plugin to import feed. And it opens the job link as a popup.

The popup has nrmal close button at bottom. And it can be closed also by simple clicking outside of the popup.

But my client was asking something not comon. That is he was trying to close the popup by pressing browser back button.

Ultimately it was closing the popup but as the popup is not a page; that is why it was taking him to home page means previous page. But clients wants to stay on the same page and wants to close the popup by pressing the back button of the browser.

I was trying to find the solution and finally got it.

Easiest way is to make user feel that its pop-up or model not a new page, by using some margins or making it span10 offset1 kind of.

Another way around is Open and Close method which is described here

And the best method is

Hope All the guys found it helpfull

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