I want a little agreement from you  before I start contract with you. This agreement is needed by me from you to survive after death.The fact is that we the Muslims believe and I believe that this is 100 % true that we the people (Each people) will be accountable for each transaction to each other. And if anything lacks from each other both will be accountable with each other. Suppose I bill you 75 $/hr. This is a deal with you from me. But sometimes I have some lacks in this deal (As all human has lacks). To make you understand consider the following example.

Suppose I am working in a project from you and also Upwork time tracker is on. Now it happens sometimes that I am drinking tea and is thinking of other things. But the time tracker is on. After few moments I remember that I was working and time tracker is on  and it happen sometimes.

Another example is that suppose I was working with the time tracker on and also talking with someone else who was with me. This may cause also some time loss and it happen sometimes.

There may also some other reason like this which can be happen as a human being and I think it is lacks of mine or every people which I should clear to you in our contract. Also in terms of hourly contract there is a minimum charge of 1 hour. To be clear if there is a task in our hourly contract that might be end or done within 10 to 15 minutes. But as I had to move to it completely from other task so I would like to charge a minimum of 1 hour more or less at least to charge a minimum amount. This way my effort will be evaluated more. Hope you understand.

Also  I don’t work with site that is Music related or have nude or semi nude content..

As I believe I will be accountable in front of Allah for each of cent that I bill to you that it was eligible or not. Whether I have taken each cent from you in a eligible way or in non eligible way. And if anyone take any kind of wealth(money,goods etc)  from any other in non eligible way he or she have to give return of that to him and Allah will not forgive him till the victim forgive him.

So I fear at Allah and that’s why I am telling those lacks to you. Hope that you will take it as human lacks (like every people have) and will allow me to earn money from you in eligible way.

Last one thing I want to use those resources that I get from you in my future project.

I always try to give my 100% to my client.

That’s it