Adding content in Meteor Slider

Adding content in Meteor Slider

Meteor Slider is an awesome slider plugin by Josh. But only one lacks was there with this plugin I think which has been resolved now. You can add content to meteor slider in the following way.

First Copy meteor-slideshow.php from /meteor-slides/includes/ to your theme’s directory to replace the plugin’s default slideshow template.

Then add the following code to show the title of the slider.

1 <p><?php the_title(); ?></p>

That should go directly above the closing slides tag:

1 </div><!-- .mslide -->

To add excerpt to the slider as content add the following code to the theme function file

// Add excerpts to Meteor Slides

	add_post_type_support('slide', 'excerpt');

And then drop this into your custom slideshow template, somewhere within the .mslide div:

<?php // Get the slide post's excerpt


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