CSS 3 Web fonts

CSS 3 Web fonts

Now here is simple font replacement alternative for cuffon. You can use CSS3 fontface property. It’s easy to use.

At first you have to put the original font in to a folder. Then delayer the @font-face property at the css like bellow

@font-face { font-family: ab; src: url(‘fonts/Oswald.ttf’)}

Here you have to name the generated font whatever you like. I declared  it here as “ab”. Now call this font name where you want. As an example if you want to use it for “h1” tag. then the code will be like this below

h1 {
  font-family: ab, sans-serif; 

Removing default domain index page

Sometimes it happens that you uploaded your web site to your server but it still getting the default page that was assigned by the hosting company. To achieve your actual index page you have to change the nameserver for that domain if you have bought the domain from a company and hosting to other company.

Anyway, if your domain company and hosting company is same then there is no need to change the nameserver.

It also sometimes happen that you will see still the domain page cause nameserver propagated properly.